about the festival

In one short week, on the rugged west coast of Norway, world known photography legends, aspiring photographers, students and other interested in photography, art and culture gather in the small and charming coastal city of Kristiansund. During this intimate week, students meet legends over a glass of wine and they go to the same lectures and find inspiration.

meet the legends

We might be small in size, but we cope with that by being big on quality. Nordic Light have had the pleasure of having photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, James Nachtwey, William Klein, Mary Ellen Mark/Martin Bell, Greg Gorman, Sarah Moon and Girogio Fiorio. Our intimate and unique location facilitates unique meetings between the legendary photographers and the festival goers. At our festival you can meet the stars of the photography world face-to-face at exhibitions, lectures or even in the festival pub.

the festival history

The Nordic Light International Festival of Photography started out as a crazy idea among friends. The main drivers behind the project being our Creative Leader Morten Krogvold, and our Board Leader Lars Liabø. Morten was sure that Kristiansund had to be the perfect location for such a festival. Kristiansund, beautifully situated on the north-west coast of Norway where fjord meets the open sea. The town is built on four islands and surrounded by majestic mountains and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The salty tang of the air hits you the moment you arrive here. Add to this the generous, no-nonsense, cheerful nature of Kristiansund’s people and you have an unbeatable combination.

With Morten and Lars' idea, and many helping hands, the festival became a reality in 2006. Since that a lot has happened. We now have our own house, which is the festival hub with café/pub, festival office and the main galleries. From being the organizer of the festival, we have now grown to be a year-round-organization with exhibitions and different projects going on all the time.

Our unique location, and our high quality program during the years have given us a reputation as a, although small in size, photographic event to notice.