Nordic Light Photo Artist Residency

Details and application

Next deadline:



Who can apply?

The residency is open to all professional, foreign or national, artists working with film and photography.

We encourage all professional photographers (both still and video),  who feel that this program can be appropriate for them, to apply.

The residencies can have different focus, depending on the season. This is because the residency is linked to local, cultural events, such as the Opera Festival. 

Focus areas can span from nature and the unique geography of the area to more abstract themes. We do however want the result to be works from the geographical area (the city of Kristiansund and Møre and Romsdal county).


Residency dates

Residency 1:
Fall 2017 (August/September)

Artist in Residence: Anna Adamo

Residency 2:
Winter 2018 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Inês Marinho

Residency 3:
Fall 2018 (August/September)

Artist in Residence: Soon open for applications.

Residency 4:
Winter 2019 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Opens for applications autumn 2018.

we expect from you


We expect the artist in residence to carry out one or more of the following activities:

  • Produce new work from the area that will somehow be available for the local public to see after the residency period is over. This can be in form of a digital, online exhibition (website) etc.
  • Produce new work that will be exhibited in the Nordic Light Art Gallery at the end of the residency.
  • Have a talk/lecture for the public and/or for local students
  • Have a workshop open to the public and/or for local students

... or something else if you have a good idea yourself! If you have suggestions, to what activites can benefit your work and our residency,  we are open to suggestions. The purpose is to give something back to the local community.

Costs the artist must cover

  • All expenses other than accomodation and the 3000 NOK in support for travel, such as living costs, materials and equipement, travel expenses, insurance, transport. 

you can expect from us

The selected artist must be prepared to be quite self-reliant. We are running the residency on tight administrative resources. However, we are doing our best to set up contacts and network and help the artist in residence to achieve their goals. We want the artists to achieve the most out of their stay. This is our main goal.

Available facilities

  • A photo studio (time slots must be pre-booked)
  • The facilities at the Nordic Light House are free to be used by the artist. This includes our galleries, the café/kitchen area that also have a small library with photography books, as well as  our art and book shop. The Nordic Light House also has offices,  which is a part of our co-working space with related creative businesses.

Costs covered by the residency

  • Accomodation is provided by Nordic Light (1 room with a small kitchen and a bathroom).
  • We support flight tickets to a maximum of 3000 NOK per artist

Exhibition guidlines

If the artist in residence wants to produce an exhibition that will be shown in the Nordic Light Art Gallery (we strongly encourage this if the timeline allows it, as it gives us something to show the local community), the following guidelines and terms apply:


The artist must:

  • Print the images for the exhibition and frame them
  • Install the exhibition in the gallery
  • Provide the Nordic Light-team with digital files of the images for marketing
  • Be available for press releases etc. before the exhibition opening
  • Give the Nordic Light-team information about pricing and editions


      Nordic Light will:

      • Provide printer and paper for the exhibition (limited to 10–15 images). This is possible due to support from Epson.
      • The exhibition manager will assist with the planning of the exhibition.
      • The Nordic Light-team will help organize a vernissage and work to get the community to attend the exhibition and opening. 



      Application requirements

      Applications which fail to meet the requirements will not be considered. 

      The application must include the following attachments:

      • Updated CV with complete contact information
      • Project description (tell us what you aim to to during you stay)
      • Artist Statement (what is your artistic vision?)
      • Documentation of previous work as a PDF (this should not be longer than 10 pages)

      (Each document should not exceed 2 MB. We prefer all documents in PDF-format.)



      Any questions regarding the residency or the application can be directed by email to project manager Katrine Øvstegård.

      Contact project manager by email.

      The Artist in Residence project is supported by Møre and Romsdal county.