ann siri stokkli - graduate of the year

Nominated as Graduate of the Year in 2014, Ann Siri Stokkli guests this year’s festival with her own exhibition.

Just 15 years of age, Ann Siri began photographing, inspired by the childhood photos her parents had taken of her and her siblings.  Her fascination lay essentially in capturing the parturlarly genuine and honest moments, in order to preserve them for the future. In 2012, following a period of working alone with photography, she enrolled in a two-year photography course at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Trondheim, graduating in 2014. The past year she has both freelanced and worked on her own projects, one of which will exhibit at Nordic Light.  

She brings to the festival, pictures from her project “23rd May 1953”, which deals with an elderly couple who have been together more than 62 years. The couple, depicted in close and intimate settings, shows the relationship between them. The title stems from their wedding date.

“The project is created for me to show the different sides of a person and perhaps especially older couples with an abundance of life’s experiences. I want to illuminate that two people who live together can create something unique between themselves. Two people can create magic.” states Ann Siri.

Gallery Nordic Light

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