Two generations Strömholm

Photo Joakim Strömholm

It is our double pleasure to announce that Joakim Strömholm will come to Nordic Light International Festival of Photography next year. In addition to his own pictures, he will also present the work of his legendary father, Christer Strömholm.

Joakim was born in 1947 in Stockholm. It was not granted that he would follow his father's footsteps. He tried different things, such as guiding, working on other photographers pictures in the darkroom, cleaning construction sites and teaching photography, language and swimming - before he decided to pursue his photography. 

Throughout his career he has worked with different genres such as documentaries, portraits and different assignment for newspapers and magazines. He has photographed a lot for the film industry, for a number of musicals and for showbiz. He has been working as a photo editor and made commercials. Music, theater and stills for film recordings became his specialty. 

Chef or doctor 
It was first when Joakim came in his teens that he began to get to know his biological father, Christer. Christer gave Joakim a Leica and access to his darkroom, but did not encourage his son to choose the uncertain path as a photographer. 
- You should become a chef or a doctor! was his father's advice. 

Photo: Christer Strömholm

Christer Strömholm (born in 1918) stumbled over photography when he studied at the Art Academy in Paris. He discovered that the large format camera was the perfect tool to express himself the way he wanted to. He continued to work with photography and film, and from 1962 to 1974 he led the famous Fotoskolan in Stockholm. Christer died in 2002, but his work continue to live. Both Joakim´s lecture and the exhibition containing the work of father and son Strömholm is truly something to look forward to.