Press release: Nordic Light + Japan Photo = True!

Japan Photo is the new general sponsor and collaboration partner for Nordic Light International Centre of Photography. The intention is a long-term collaboration, where the focus will be on skilled amateur photograpers.

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Anne Lise Flavik and Stephan Stein, Photo: Cecilie EngebretsenThe interest around Nordic Light is increasing, and in particular it is the eager amateur photographers that attend Nordic Light International Festival of Photography to learn and to be inspired.

-Japan Photo represents an important target group for us. Norway has a fast growing number of skilled amateur photographers. With Japan Photo we can give this group great visual offers, says Anne Lise Flavik, CEO of Nordic Light.

CEO of Japan Photo, Stephan Stein, is concerned about taking care of the good memories. 

– Take care of you photos, they are some of the most important things you have, What if your computer crashes, or graphic chip breaks. Do something with your photos that can give you joy in the future. 

If we do not take good care of our photographs, a whole generation can get lost, says Stein, and recommends us to make our own photo books.

- Japan Photo is Scandinavia’s largest photo chain. With Nordic Light, Scandinavia’s largest festival of photography and centre for photography, we will develop an arena for visual communication with tempting offers and activities, Stein continues.

-In a time where millions of photos are shot every day, and you are exposed to visual stimuli from countless media, the importance of showing what a good photograph really is, is increasing, says Anne Lise Flavik.

-This is Nordic Light’s main message, and this is why we only choose the best photographers for our events. As the interest for photography now is increasing, there will naturally also be a demand for the best equipment. Japan Photo knows better than anyone that it is easy to get lost, and they know what eager amateur photograpers need, says the enthusiastic leader. 

Japan Photo is now opening a new department “Japan Photo Pro”, that targets the market of professional photograpers. This is a substantial extension, and it is important to make this visible for them. 

- Nordic Light is the single festival in the Nordic countries that attracts most visitors, and most professionals within the photographic genre. This is why we have chosen Nordic Light as our collaboration partner, says Stephan Stein.

The collaboration is already well underway, and during the coming Workshop Marathon in Kristiansund 26th – 30th of September Japan Photo will attend with both seminars and a large “candy store” with a wide range of photographic equipment at special prices. 

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Anne Lise Flavik and Stephan Stein, Photo: Cecilie EngebretsenFor more information, please contact:

Stephan Stein (CEO, Japan Photo Holding AS):, Phone: 473 79 858

Anne Lise Flavik (CEO, Nordic Light Events AS):, Phone: 920 17 130

Per Bjørkum (Partner and Senior Advicor, First House):, Phone: 922 55 777                 

Elisabeth B. Bjerkestrand (Media contact, Nordic Light Events AS):, Phone: 984 56 335