Press release: Here comes the salsa!

18 February, 2013

Here comes the Salsa!

No other island in the Caribbean can measure up to Cuba in terms of its fascinating history. In April Nordic Light unveils the photography exhibition “House of Cuba”, a colourful and contrasting showcase of the mystery, Rumba rhythms and uniqueness that characterise Cuba.

Photo: Alex Web

Cuba’s president Raul Castro has relaxed the travel restrictions for Cubans, and Nordic Light has therefore taken this opportunity to invite a group of Cuban photographers to Kristiansund. Adrian Fernandez, Pedro Abascal, Leysis Quesada, Raul Cañibano, Irolan Maroselli Vilasuso, Liudmila Velasco and Nelson Ramírez de Arellano will all exhibit their pictures, and we hope that some of them will also be able to attend the festival. The likelihood of this is still a little uncertain. The Cuban ambassador is also invited, and has confirmed that she will attend and take part in opening the exhibition together with Morten Krogvold.

Cuba’s unique history, a result of Spanish colonialisation followed by American and Russian dominance, continues to make its mark on the country and its economy. Modern Cuban life is also intertwined with history, and we can therefore expect that House of Cuba will reflect some of this unique history. The joy of life, the dancing, the music, the sensuality and lust for life, the daily heroic struggle for a dignified life, the laughter, the curiosity, the sheer diversity and its strong contrast to life in Norway. The photographs are curated by Anne Lise Flavik, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, who have arranged photography workshops for the last two years in Havana. The House of Cuba exhibition will also contain photographs from participants of these workshops. It promises to be a visual and musical experience…… and a collection of very good photos put together by Alex and Becky.

It is also our great pleasure to welcome man and wife Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb to this year’s festival. This will be their second visit to Nordic Light. The first time was in 2006, at our very first festival, where they helped us to set the standard for the festivals to come.

Rebecca is originally a poet and journalist, but has taken photos since 1988. She likes to address major issues, and is fascinated by how to convey conflicting emotions visually and without the use of words.

Alex has been a full time photographer since the early 1970s. No ordinary photographer, he is a master of colour and may well take the most complex photos of any documentary photographer alive today. Alex’s pictures are layered with action, and they reveal something new every time you see them. Alex and Rebecca live in Brooklin, New York, where they teach photography together.

The Nordic Light Festival runs from 23 – 27 April. Beyond Pixels - Unfestival of Photography runs from 23 – 24 April. All the exhibitions remain on show in Kristiansund throughout the period 23 April – 5 May.

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