Beyond Pixels - Unfestival of Photography 2013

Beyond Pixels – just when you thought it was safe… The future of photography looks nothing like what you’d imagined.

Nobody shoots with film anymore. Ok, almost nobody. As a percentage of photographs, film does not even show up as a rounding error. It’s impossible to argue against the fact that digital photography has had a profound impact on the medium. Yet, just when “digital” had become a known quantity and we were getting used to mobile phone cameras everywhere, just when Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and the others have become a fact of modern life, just when photographers thought they had a handle on mega-pixels, HDR techniques, Lightroom workflows and Instagram filters… we’re poised for another game shifter – computational photography.

The future of photography has never looked so bright… and unclear.

Mikkel Aaland (left) and Hans Peter Brondmo (right), co-directors of Beyond Pixels – Unfestival of Photography

Photo: self timer

Dagens Næringsliv 14.12.2012

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