Press release: Steve McCurry coming to Nordic Light

Kristiansund, 20 March, 2013

‘Inspiring’, ‘fantastic’, ‘legendary’ and ‘the world’s best documentary photographer!’ The superlatives flow freely whenever we mention the name of one of our guests at this year’s Nordic Light Festival. The master of colour photography, Steve McCurry, is coming to Kristiansund in April.

Sri Lanka. Photo: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry (1950, Philadelphia, USA) became world famous after taking his iconic picture of the refugee girl Sharbat Gula in 1984. “Afghan Girl”, the girl with the emerald eyes, has become the best known picture ever featured in National Geographic. Resembling a Mona Lisa of the refugee world, the photo came to symbolize human endurance.

Many of Steve McCurry’s pictures are perpetual classics that are used on magazine covers and as CD artwork. He has toiled persistently with his exploration of colour, and according to photo critics his documentary work and portraiture have taken colour photography to a completely new level.

Nordic Light’s Artistic Director, Morten Krogvold, is thrilled to have Steve as a guest of honour. “Steve McCurry is an icon in the prime of life and undoubtedly one of the greatest colour photographers of our time. His pictures exemplify hard work. They display a marvellous tangible quality, as well as intimacy, intensity and a photographic ‘coup d’oeil’ that is exceptional. McCurry uses colours in the same way a painter does, and he has a unique sense of both colour and light. At the same time, there remains something strikingly simple about his work. He has an extraordinary capacity for capturing the gaze of his subjects, which adds an extra veneer of distinctiveness to his pictures.”

The Nordic Light Festival runs from 23 – 27 April. Beyond Pixels - Unfestival of Photography runs from 23 – 24 April. All the exhibitions are on show in Kristiansund during the period 23 April – 5 May.

Contact info:

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