COMING UP! Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, 23 - 27 April!

Once every spring for the last seven years the picturesque Norwegian coastal town Kristiansund has been turned in to a photographer's paradise, with the world's top photographers meeting up to share their work, their experiences or simply to share a glass of wine and a pleasant conversation at the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography.

THE PARAGUAYANS. Photo: Alejandro Chaskielberg

Built upon four islands surrounding a lively harbour, with majestic mountains on one side and the vast Atlantic Ocean on the other, the colourful and exotic community of Kristiansund provides the perfect setting for the festival, an event certain to make a long lasting impression on its guests.

“Joining Nordic Light is a great way to recharge your brain. The festival is a delicacy for photography lovers, but we make sure to appeal to a broad audience, both young and old, looking for new impulses,” says Anne Lise Flavik, Managing Director at Nordic Light. “You can learn a lot by seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, and previous guests have described the atmosphere as similar to a rock festival. Our festival might not be the biggest in the world, but it’s definitely the nicest!” We are delighted that so many different photographic expressions find their way to the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography! Here is the final guest list for this year’s festival:

Steve McCurry  *  Alex Webb  *  Rebecca Norris Webb  *  Connie Imboden  *  Jacob Aue Sobol   *  Pedro Abascal  *  Irolan Maroselli Vilasuso  *  Leysis Quesada Vera  *  Adrián Fernández Milanés  *  Raül Cañibano Ercilla  *  Liudmila Velasco  *  Nelson Ramírez de Arellano  *  Marcel Leliënhof  *  Chris Rainier  *  Alejandro Chaskielberg  *  Marja Pirilä  *  Einar Sira  *  Sune Jonsson (1930-2009)  *  Henry B. Goodwin (1878-1931)  *  Knut Koivisto  *  Dan Young  *  Morten Qvale  *  Andreas Smaaland  *  Caroline Reistad  *  Sandra Mari Lund  *  Billy Plummer

Nordic Light International Festival of Photography runs from 23 – 27 April. Beyond Pixels - UnFestival of Photography runs from 23 – 24 April. All the exhibitions are on show in Kristiansund during the period 23 April – 5 May.