PHEN: Industry days III

a travelogue by Henriette Sandnes

In historical Cluj-Napoca the 6th edition of Photo Romania Festival just finished, and I was there! Being part of an international network gives you great opportunities, and this one was breath taking.

Nordic Light is lucky to be a part of The Photo European Network, PHEN, which have their meetings in different parts of Europe. The network works to enhance and develop photography, focusing on photo festivals and other activities. Being a part of this network gives us the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, getting to know other cultures and establishing a solid network that connects countries through bilateral collaborations. All this thanks to our shared passion for photography.

Throughout the Industry Days I had the chance to participate in the festival and discover the beautiful Cluj, northwest in Romania. The city is a historical part of Transylvania, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet Dracula in person. With daytime meetings and social dining, beautiful Casa Romania became a natural meeting point at night. In the old villa you could find the festival exhibitions, a vinyl player and Palinca (Romanian spirit). As you probably understand, this is where we spent most of our time.

I want to give a big thank you, to Sebastian Vaida and and Catalin Balog Bellu, for your hospitality and making all this possible. I am very excited to see what the PHEN can achieve together!

Photo: Tania Castro, Simone Rudolphi, Henriette Sandnes