The Portuguese photographer Inês Marinho is our next Artist in Residence

Ines Maronho portrait.jpg

Inês Marinho (27) is a photographer from Vila do Conde in Portugal. In January, she will arrive in Kristiansund to live and work for a couple weeks, as a part of our Artist in Residence project. Her work will end up in an exhibition during the Opera Festival in February

– I am very excited about the Nordic Light artist residency, because it will allow me to live and work in a very different environment from the one I am used to, to get involved with a Norwegian town and its community, and to be a part of an important photography festival. Thus, it will be a great opportunity for my professional and personal enrichment, says Inês Marinho. 

During the residency, she intends to play with the geography and topography of Kristiansund, in relation and connection to the geography of her own hometown. In this way, she will continue to explore a personal favorite theme: the relation between the human being and his environment.

– With this approach, I intend to interpret and question the definitions of visual and life experience, says Inês Marinho. 

We look very much forward to welcoming Inês to Kristiansund next year. During her stay, she will also conduct a workshop for high school students in the region.   

The Nordic Light Artist in Residence project is supported by Møre and Romsdal County. 

About Inês Marinho

Inês Marinho studied communication design in the Fine Arts school in Porto and professional photography in IED - Madrid. From an early age, she’s been fascinated by stories, both in books and films. Today she uses photography as the basis for her own storytelling. 

Photography is her way to discover, explore and express herself and the reality around her. Her work focus on editorial and documentary photography.