Tone Stormdal Beckman is Director's Choice at Nordic Light 2018

© Tone Stormdal Beckman

© Tone Stormdal Beckman

Our Artistic Director Morten Krogvold recently announced Tone Stormdal Beckman as Director’s Choice at the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography 2018 in Kristiansund.

The festival has an Artistic Council who discuss content, which photographers to invite and what kind of exhibitions to present. But “Director's Choice” is Morten Krogvold’s own choice –without interference from anyone.

– It's always my favorite exhibition and my “baby”. And those invited have always exceeded my own and everyone else's expectations, says Krogvold.

Krogvold describes Tone Stormdal Beckman as superb:
– Her images are not only elegant, they are also passionate, yearning and full of sweetness and controlled eroticism, he says. 

According to Krogvold, the models get full attention and safety, but you still notice that the photographer is the director and the boss.

– She intensively communicates her wishes and ideas – but I have no idea what she says and how she makes it. She meets women on the street, at museums or at a café and these unknown women become like actors under her direction. She brings complete strangers into her own universe in a few hours. Nobody I know is working harder with photography as self-expression than Beckman does, says Krogvold.

– I have met her several times where she shows new works. Always new things and new ways – but never without noticing her presence in it. I am proud that Tone Stormdal Beckman has accepted the offer to be "Directors Choice" at Nordic Light 2018, says Krogvold. 

We congratulate Tone Stormdal Beckman and are happy to welcome her to Kristiansund in April. We are all looking forward to her exhibition and her lecture! 

Erika IndergaardComment