Chris Riley

Chris Riley is the founder, creative director and chief provocateur of Studioriley. After 30 years in the advertising and design industry, working for global clients such as Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola, Chris took his interest in how the world was changing in the digital age and reconnected with his roots as a geographer and researcher. His interest in photography comes from a conviction that it is the world’s first universal language and as such is reshaping the way we share stories.

He led the worldwide strategic planning function of advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy from 1991 to 2002, opening their offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

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Chris left W+K to run his own strategic planning consulting practice, Studioriley, working in Portland, Munich, Helsinki and Singapore markets. He returned to the corporate world to become head of Strategic Planning for Apple’s Graphic Design and Marketing Communication Group, during the launch of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

From his experience connecting brands and consumers, he has learned that not only can businesses benefit from the insights of photographers, but can also cultivate a deeper understanding of people - their ideas, beliefs and cultures - by seeing the world through the eyes of photographers. Studioriley works with photographers and journalists, as well as other leading thinkers and creative people, to create a better understanding of the cultural context of the massive changes our world is experiencing and provoke actions that improve the lives of the seven billion people who live here.

With an eye for photography
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