Daniell de Sousa

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Daniell N. de Sousa’s creativity developed through being born into a family that, for the past 60 years, has successfully run a ballet school. Here, the emphasis on expressing one’s self invariably took centre stage. After receiving his first camera at the age of ten, this 21 year old has continually had the urge to relate his experiences through his images. He further reveals that discovering photography came as a revelation and was beyond doubt where he found his voice.

De Sousa’s photos, characterized by his Southern European genes, encompass dark expressions and questions about life. Through his use of arranged pictures, he invites the viewer into his personal world, presenting tales of difficult life situations. Daniell’s primary objective is not simply to explain the meaning behind his work, but he genuinely hopes that the viewer can gain an insight into his or her own emotions. It is a lot more exciting for him to find out what feelings his photographs evoke, rather than what he originally had intended.

Daniell’s current standing in today’s photography world owes a great deal to his participation in workshops run by Morten Krogvold. Morten’s invaluable mentorship is the overriding factor in Daniell finding his voice” through photography. The three workshops he has attended combined with dedication and hard work, has resulted in this talented young man’s deeper understanding of the art form.

His photographs are certainly not products of coincidence but take shape after several months of sketching, detailed planning and preparation, each image requiring a long process using intense focus and resources. One of Daniell’s satisfactions is looking back on this lengthy process and knowing how much work was involved in reaching the result.

At this year’s festival, Daniell will be exhibiting a choice of images from his as yet unfinished project “Ta meg med” (Bring me along). In his own words, de Sousa describes this work ... ‘The first thing that struck me with “Ta meg med” is art. For me it is exactly about what everything is. To allow myself to dive into another world, and bring myself along. Art is one of the most beautiful things that surround us, with no necessity to understand it, to be able to feel it. Welcome to my journey away from this world.’ 

Photo: Julie Frydenlund

Photo: Julie Frydenlund

Photography is my way of writing a diary, a reflection of life.


Exhibition A
Bring me along
Nordic Light
– House of Photography
Konsul Knudtzons gate 4B