elliott erwitt - leica exhibition

Elliott Erwitt is an advertising and documentary photographer, known especially for his black-and-white photography of absurd, ironic, and humorous everyday situations. He started his career in 1950 as a photographic assistant in the United States Army and been associated with Magnum since 1953.

Nordic Light will show a selection from the series “Personal best for Leica by Elliott Erwitt”, which contains 50 iconic photographs that have touched many people. Photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Che Guevara are amongst them, as are images showing a charming sense of humour and an uncanny ability of observation.

This series exhibits at Leica galleries throughout the world and began its tour at Photokina in 2012. This year the tour graces Kristiansund and Nordic Light.

Personal Best for Leica by Elliott Erwitt
Gallery Jonas Eriksen