Geir Lippestad

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Geir Lippestad stepped suddenly and confidently into the public eye as defence lawyer in the brutal 22nd July murders. He is extremely aware of the importance of wise, precise and clear communication, while the world or surrounding situations are crumbling about us. With his high ethical points of view, Geir has collected a wealth of experience, participating in a multitude of difficult work-related conflicts, not only as a member of Lippestad AS’s legal team, but also in other areas of daily life. He speaks with a genuine, personal and honest voice about the background facts for the choices he has made. He further explains how to survive the tougher days by adhering to principles and remaining true to one’s values and beliefs.

Lippestad engages passionately with the general community and is presently an active board member of four organisations – Agenda (A social democratic think tank); Sykehusklovnene (Hospital Clowns); Likestillings- og Diskrimineringsnemda (The Equality and Discrimination Committee) and VIRKE (an organisation that looks after the rights of entepreneurial businesses). He is the appointed “Chairman” in all but the latter. Mr Lippestad has prior nominations for “Name of the Year”, “Communicator of the Year” and in 2012, “Lecturer of the Year”. In February 2014, Geir, together with his spouse Signe Husebye Lippestad, received the Livsvernprisen, a prize awarded annually for dedication and contributions to protecting the rights and dignity of vulnerable groups of society. He currently resides with his wife and seven children in Norway’s capital city, Oslo.

The Lecture will be held in Norwegian.

FRIDAY 9. MAY AT 19.00 - 20.30

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