goran tomasevic

During the last 20 years, Serbian Goran Tomasevic, employed as a Reuter’s photographer, covered many of the world’s biggest conflicts. His career began in the nineties photographing the situation in the Balkans. Later he covered, amongst others, the second intifada from his base in Jerusalem.  Stationed in Baghdad during the Iraq war, he captured one of the wars most memorable photographs depicting an American soldier gazing at the bringing down of Saddam Hussein’s statue. 

He has also gained notoriety through his images of the Arabian Spring, the war in Syria and the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in 2013. Common in Tomasevic’s photographs is a brutality showing the absolute misery of war and conflict. “I want to show reality, with my pictures I wish to present everything exactly as it was. I do not know if it changes anything, but I hope it does” states Tomasevic about his work.  

Tomasevic, nominated several times as Reuters Photographer of the Year, presently resides in Nairobi, where he works as chief photographer for Reuters.




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