Akseli Valmunen

 Akseli Valmunen. Photo: Sami Kero/Helsingin Sanomat © 

Akseli Valmunen. Photo: Sami Kero/Helsingin Sanomat © 

Lecture: Friday 10.30–11.30 in Caroline Cinema 

Exhibition: gallery The Bakery (The Nordic Light House)

About akseli valmunen

Akseli Valmunen (b. 1987) is a Helsinki-based documentary photographer. In 2016, he was awarded The Young Nordic Photographer of the Year, which earned him a solo exhibition at Fotografiska museum in Stockholm. The same year he also received the Press Photograph of the Year and the Photo Reportage of the Year awards in Finland.

As a photojournalist Akseli works on international assignments, and his work has been featured in Der Spiegel, Aftenposten and Helsingin Sanomat. His distinctive approach to documentary photography has led him to work on photographic essays such as The Same New Pet (2016), in which he predominantly discusses his personal interest in the curiosity of mankind.

Akseli is currently studying for his Master’s at Aalto university in Helsinki. His thesis project is a study on how the sky above us has always been unattainable, but yet a common metaphor for the measure of success. 

Selection of work by akseli valmunen