Andres Serrano

 Andres Serrano. (Photo: Irina Movmyga Serrano  © )

Andres Serrano. (Photo: Irina Movmyga Serrano ©)

Lecture: Friday 17.30–18.30 in Caroline Cinema 

Exhibition: Kunstforeningen

Gallery Talk: Saturday 19.30–20.00

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The Andres Serrano exhibition "Torture" has been made available to the Nordic Light audience with support from the organisation a/political, see for more information. 


About Andres Serrano

The controversial American photographer and artist Andres Serrano (born 1950) has become famous for his images of human corpses and the use of bodily fluids and feces in his work.

Serrano was educated at Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York, in 1967-69. He worked as an assistant art director at an advertising firm, before creating his first works in 1983. 

His career took off for real in the late 80s when publishing in image called Piss Christ, a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of his own urine. Although not intended to shock, the image caused strong disgust reactions. 

Other body fluids like blood, sperm and breast milk have also been used as artistic and metaphorical material in Serrano’s images. 

A widely discussed series is The Morgue; "portraits", figure studies, and studies of hands, feet, heads and genitals of corpses of brutally killed or dead people photographed in different morgues.

Serrano has also made series of female bodybuilders, fetuses, portraits of Klansmen, naked people in erotic contexts and portraits of homeless people in New York.

His work has been exhibited in diverse locations around the world, often led to angry reactions. He also published several books. 

Andres Serrano is based in New York. 

Selection of work by Andres Serrano