Anne Lise Flavik

 Anne Lise Flavik. Photo: Klara Opdahl © 

Anne Lise Flavik. Photo: Klara Opdahl © 

Lecture: Friday 15.00–15.30 in Caroline Cinema

Exhibition: gallery The Print Room (The Nordic Light House)  

Gallery Talk: Friday 19.30–20.00

Portfolio Reviews: Thursday 10.00-10.20, 11.30–11.50, 15.00–15.20 and 16.30–16.50

About Anne Lise Flavik

Anne Lise Flavik has been a photographer for three decades and has a long experience in working independently. She has started and operated several projects, including photographic workshops abroad for more than 15 years together with Morten Krogvold and other renown photographers. Among her own photographic projects are “Fjærfingertupper” from Kautokeino and a project from orphanages in Calcutta, India.

She was the program manager and later both program manager and general manager of the Nordic Light International Center of Photography in Kristiansund in the period 2005-2014. She has built and operated photographic business as a photographer in Studio A7 from 1991 and has been the project manager and editor of three social political books for the Norwegian Directorate of Health and Social Affairs. Flavik started and operated several projects for the cultural site “Smuget”, among other things as the editor and photographer the newspaper for Smuget, “Smugleser’n”.

Flavik has a lot of experience from entrepreneurial activities that she uses in her work that she is the most passionate about today: To bring photography up and out to the people in the form of a national center located in Oslo.

During the Nordic Light festival, she will present images from the project “Fjærfingertupper”, and in her lecture, she will tell about a hectic and hilarious life – with and for the photography.

Selection of work by Anne Lise Flavik