Audun Lie Dahl

 Audun Lie Dahl. Photo: Carolina Sandretto © 

Audun Lie Dahl. Photo: Carolina Sandretto © 

Lecture: Saturday 15.30–16.30 in Caroline Cinema (together with Roy Mangersnes) 

Exhibition: gallery The Print Room (The Nordic Light House)   

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Instagram: /audundahl

About Audun Lie Dahl

Audun Lie Dahl is a wildlife photographer and guide, born and raised on the island Smøla on the northwestern coast of Norway, not far from Kristiansund. Audun has spent his whole life close to nature on this island, which often is very exposed for bad weather and rough conditions.

Audun started his photographic career in 2010 when he and his brother started the company Smøla Naturopplevelser, specializing in eagles and hide photography. Throughout the whole year, he is guiding photographers by boat or taking them to special designed photo hides.

The last years, he has also travelled around the world, especially to colder regions like Svalbard, Antarctica and Arctic Norway.  Audun works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, while promoting the preservation of wild places.

His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work global, guiding other photographers and teaming up with WildPhoto Travel. This opportunity has now made him to found WildPhoto Norway, specializing in destinations in Norway. 

Audun has been awarded in several national and international photo contests, such as Nordic Nature Photo Contest and Global Arctic Awards. His images and stories have been published in magazines, newspapers and other journals, e.g. National Geographic, Daily mail and the Norwegian newspaper VG.  

Selection of work by Audun Lie Dahl

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