Bjørn Sterri

 Bjørn Sterri. Photo: Self portrait, Bjørn Sterri © 

Bjørn Sterri. Photo: Self portrait, Bjørn Sterri © 

Lecture: Friday 15.30–16.30 in Caroline Cinema

Exhibition: gallery The Bakery (The Nordic Light House)  

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About Bjørn Sterri

Norwegian Bjørn Sterri (born 1960) is educated at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland and later at Konstfack in Stockholm. He has been teaching at, among others, the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and had an assignment as an advertising photographer. He is based in Oslo.

Bjørn Sterri primarily works with the analogue side of photography. Either with a Deardorff 8×10” or Polaroid camera. These are the tools that in the best way helps him in documenting time with time. 

Bjørn Sterri is married to Spanish Alejandra and has two sons: Jens Linus and Pablo. The exhibition “Family Photographs 2001-2018” shows a selection of photographs he has taken of his family and himself over a period of 17 years. The work is a long-term photo essay about time, intimacy, absence and presence. 

“I see and think a big part of my life through photography. The photographic process helps me to make my existence and death visible. The photograph is a proof that I, at a certain point in time, is or was alive. I will continue with this until the project will come to a natural end, with my own death.”

Sterri is represented at several galleries and art collections, including the JP Morgan Chase Art Collection (New York), Rick Wester Fine Art (New York), Galerie & Edition Stephan Witschi (Zurich) and Statoil Art Collection (Oslo). 

He has attended several group and one-person exhibitions at home and abroad, including Photo Shanghai in China, the Museo de la Universidad de Murcia in Spain, the Paris Photo in France, The International Photography Fair in Milan, Italy, and the Museo de la Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sterri has received a number of awards for his work.

Selection of work by Bjørn Sterri