Grethe Bøe

 Grethe Bøe (Photo:  Erik Avatsmark ©)

Grethe Bøe (Photo:  Erik Avatsmark ©)

Lecture: Thursday 10.30–11.30 in Caroline Cinema

About Grethe Bøe

Grethe Bøe was born and raised in Kristiansund, nurtured by its wild nature and rich cultural life.  Seeing the film E.T. by Steven Spielberg as a kid she decided to be a narrative artist, a storyteller.

At 19 she moved to Romania volunteering in an orphanage, before going to London and then New York City where she earned her degrees in philosophy and directing while working as an actress and model.

Bøe’s first job after college was as an assistant on Steven Spielberg’s documentary film Survivors of the Shoah based on Schindler’s List. She also worked as a director at The American Theatre of actors, founded the New York based theatre company Women on the verge (which is still active) and played the lead in the American movie Zona.

Back in Norway she acted in several TV-series and feature films before her directorial feature film debut The ten lives of Titanicsin 2008. For this film she won the Cinekid film award, BUFF international film award, En certain regard at the Berlin Film festival & the audience award at the Chicago International Film Festival among others.  

Bøe has directed several TV-series both in Norway and internationally as well as worked as a political activist.  Her passion for giving voice to the voiceless, fighting for children- and animal rights as well as fronting environmental issues is always present in her work.  Both in the TV series Heartless, which she wrote and directed with Nils Gaup and in her feature film Operation Arctic her focus on environmental issues is especially present.  

Bøe has won several internationally awards for her work, including Grand Prix of Montréal, Best European Film Award, Mumbai international film award, Mexico-film award, Denmark’s Buster Film award, the audience award at Toronto International Film festival and Sundance film festival to mention a few.  

Her recent feature film Operasjon Mørkemann, launched in March 2018 made it to the top of the Norwegian box office, before being pushed down to second place by her former employer… Mr. Steven Spielberg.

The theme of her talk is «We become the stories we tell», exploring the power of framing and point of view in storytelling. 

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