Kathrine Lindman

 Kathrine Lindman. Photo: Espen Odén Evertsen © 

Kathrine Lindman. Photo: Espen Odén Evertsen © 

Exhibition: Kathrine Lindman Jewelry – Seaweed, gallery "The Bakery" (The Nordic Light House) 

About Kathrine Lindman

The Kristiansund-based jewelry artist Kathrine Lindman (born 1969) is educated from Jewelry School and from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Metal department. 

She has been working as a jewelry artist with her own company since 1996. Her design is based on elements from the nature, and she works with shapes and colors in different ways. Her signature line is "Seashell" in silver and enamel. She makes both collections and one of. At Nordic Light, she will launch her brand-new collection with jewelry made of seaweed.

Jewelry signed Kathrine Lindman appeared along with the new collection of fashion designer Nina Skarra on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week in September 2012. Jewelry shown in the metropolis were several head creations. 

Since 2010, Kathrine Lindman has been promoted in New York through the established gallery owner Charon Kransen in Manhattan. The Gallery has presented the Norwegian jewelry artist at several art fairs in the U.S., including SOFA, which shows contemporary art and design. Work by Kathrine Lindman has also been represented by the Norwegian Gallery Format at Collect in Saatchi Gallery in London, an international exhibition of decorative art and design.

At home in Norway, she got a lot of attention when the American president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle visited Norway in December 2009, when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One of the jewels of Kathrine Lindman was purchased by the ministry and given as a gift to Michelle Obama. 

Selection of work by Kathrine Lindman