Lisen Stibeck

 Lisen Stibeck. (Photo: Mary Ellen Mark  © )

Lisen Stibeck. (Photo: Mary Ellen Mark ©)

Lecture: Thursday 12.00–13.00 in Caroline Cinema

Exhibition: gallery The Print Room (The Nordic Light House) 

About Lisen Stibeck

Photographer Lisen Stibeck works on long term projects. Her keen interest in teenage identity developed into her photo book “Daughters”, winning critical attention and international awards.

More recently, her focus turned to the inner landscape of the psyche, opening up a world of dreams and archetypes as she delved into a form of magical realism.

In her latest work, a meditation on life and death, her haunting black/white imagery carries a suggestion of emerging narratives, at times evoking loss, grief and death and then again a celebration of life in brilliant abstract color.

Lisen Stibeck is based in Sweden and regularly spends time in Morocco and France. 

Selection of work by Lisen Stibeck