Steve Pyke

 Steve Pyke. Photo: Christian Coleman © 

Steve Pyke. Photo: Christian Coleman © 

Lecture: Sunday 13.00–14.00 in Caroline Cinema

Exhibition: gallery The Bakery (The Nordic Light House) 

Books for sale at Nordic Light: "I Could Read the Sky", "Philosophers I", "Philosophers I & II Lim. Ed." and "Earthward" 

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About steve pyke

Steve Pyke was born in Leicester, an industrial manufacturing town in the Midlands of England. He left school at 16 and worked in the local textile industry as a factory mechanic. Pyke became involved in the turbulent music scene of the mid/late 1970’s, a move which ultimately led him into his first experiments in photography. He purchased a Rolleiflex camera, and in 1980 he started to photograph portraits in a distinctive and close style.

Throughout his career, Steve Pyke has developed, funded, and published a number of personal projects which have given his work shape and thrust. Best known perhaps are those on the world’s leading thinkers — Philosophers — and on youth identity as expressed through Uniforms. He has completed a new series, Astronauts, photographing the Apollo astronauts that first walked on the moon. 

A feature doc film of these encounters, Moonbug, has recently won first prize at the Houston Film Festival. Like August Sander, Pyke is fascinated by collecting the faces of our times, and has made a touching series on First War veterans as well as a major study of the leading film directors. Confounding those who would define him simply as a portraitist, he has produced fascinating still-life projects, exciting experiments in collage and multiple imagery, a profound body of humanist street photography, and powerful landscape work.

In 2004 Steve received the MBE in the Queen’s New Years Honours list for his services to the Arts. In 2006 he was made a Friend of the Royal Photographic Society. Steve lives and works in New Orleans.

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