Jan og Per Broman - Fotografiska

From a crazy dream to a grand success with the Swedish Photograpic Museum.

Photo: Knut Koivisto

Photo: Knut Koivisto

Brothers Jan and Per Broman, grew up in the Swedish town of Salem with photo fix at their fingertips, a result of having a father employed as head laboratory technician for “Pressens Bild” (A photographic bureau) and a darkroom in their townhouse cellar. Separated for a period, while each followed his entrepreneurial path, they soon reunited through their common love and interest for photography.

On the 20th of May 2010, aiming to bring the world’s best photographers to Scandinavia as well as exposing the best Nordic photographers to the world, they threw open the doors of the Svenska Fotografiska Museet (Swedish Photographic Museum). Housed in a renovated Customs Hall, the museum has since opening had a constant stream of visitors, revelling in a variety of exhibitions. From exciting present day photographers, for example David LaChapelle, to past legends such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt, Sarah Moon, André Kertész and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Located next to the cruise ships along the inlet of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm, Fotografiska is a meeting place dedicated to the art of photography. It also facilitates many other forms of cultural expression. Twice a week, concerts with young Swedish talents take place, while the museum’s restaurant has received outstanding reviews in Swedish newspapers. At least 6 times a year, the museum holds dance evenings that last late into the night. In 2013, the F 1-6 club, which focuses on electronic music, rated as Stockholm’s finest.

During its four years of operation, the world class conceptual Fotografiska has succeeded in raising the position of photography in Sweden, primarily as an art form. With an annual attendance of half a million guests and a turnover in excess of 150 million crowns, the museum has shown the broad public interest for photography, succeeding without any governmental grants. Targeting young adults, they have created an experience people are willing to pay for. Thus far, females have dominated the attendance.

According to Jan, to maintain a high standard in everything they do, they continually seek to work with the best. Proudly, these unconventional brothers manage their museum, shying away from traditions. Armed with their magnitude of commercial understanding, it will not be long before they take on the world far beyond Sweden’s borders. 

Fotografiska Museet - Swedish Photographic Museum

Fotografiska Museet - Swedish Photographic Museum

Jan og Per Broman, Fotografiska

From a crazy dream to a grand success
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