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Foto: Morten Krogvold

Foto: Morten Krogvold

At one of this year’s “Face to Face” series, you can meet the well-known peace researcher Johan Galtung in conversation with Morten Krogvold.  As the world’s first ever Professor of Peace, Galtung is considered a leading exponent within peace and conflict research. He was co-founder and longstanding leader of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), founded the Journal of Peace Research in 1964 and has written more than 160 books. In addition, Galtung has arbitrated in many major conflicts and has associations to universities and teaching institutions worldwide. His motto is to communicate with all parties rather than choose sides. For his contributions, Johan has received numerous prizes and honours from around the globe.  

In his latest book “Syv veier til lykke” (Seven roads to happiness), he discusses the concept of happiness from many perspectives, using amongst others, the background of his own experiences as a peace broker, professor and individual.

Face to Face
Friday 24. April
Caroline Cinema


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