Julia Fullerton-Batten


"Location, location, location". Julia strongly believes that the locality of her photo shoots are equally important as the shoot itself. Once, after hiring a huge studio in Germany for a photography session, Julia and her entourage ended up working in a small adjacent room, simply because she felt unhappy with the first choice. Julia revels in the challenge of finding ideal settings, using considerable effort involving hours of research, time-consuming travel and meticulous attention to detail.

Born in Bremen to an English father and German mother, Julia spent her childhood in both Germany and the USA. Her father's passion for photography ignited Julia’s interest and eventually lead to her pursuing it at a professional level. Whilst still in her teens, she and her family moved to England.

After graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design, Fullerton-Batten spent time gaining experience with Vogue Magazine, followed by five years working as a freelance assistant with a variety of photographers. She identifies this period as the most formative of her professional career. Although Julia still shoots a lot of commercial work, she treasures her fine-art photography for the creative freedom it allows her. Her reputation in this latter field is based primarily on her multiple three-part project on teenage girls -  “Teenage Stories”, “School Play” and “In Between”. Here, she sensitively handles teenage girl’s transition from childhood to womanhood, capturing the lives and emotions of young women as they progress from relative innocence to a heightened awareness of their future adult lives. 

Julia's photography is easily distinguishable through her lighting techniques and emphasis on colour. Using similar methods in most of her personal, advertising and fashion work, she achieves a consistency across all genres.

This perfectionist has won countless international awards and has a permanent collection of her work at the National Portrait Gallery, London and the Musee de l'Eysee, Lausanne.

Fullerton-Batten’s recent projects deal with a sociological aspect of modern society – overweight prejudices and challenges faced by vulnerable blind people. Several years into her professional career, Julia still wakes up each day bursting with fresh ideas for her next shoot. London is her hometown where she lives with her husband and two sons.


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Mother & Daughter – Blind
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