kai helge andersen

Photo: Kristine O. Andersen

Photo: Kristine O. Andersen

Kai Helge Andersen, resident of Kristiansund, took up photography well into adulthood and today enjoys life as a pensioner photographing birds and animals. Together with his wife, Lisa, a likewise eager nature photographer, he spends about 200 days a year outdoors, hunting for photos. Over a four-year period, he has built a healthy reputation as a nature photographer. Kai occupies most of his time, during the summer months, in the Dovre mountain range and the northern areas of Børgefjell (Børge Mountains) in Nordland, rich with an abundance of birds, animals and untamed nature.

Kai’s philosophy is to get as close to the birds and animals as possible, without the use of camouflage. His main aim is that each picture reveals not only a pure portrayal of a species but also captures its natural behaviour, happily characterized by a “twinkle in the eye” causing the viewer, for a moment, to halt in his tracks.



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