linda eide

Linda Eide is a radio journalist and presenter, writer and causeur. From 2007 to 2012, she crisscrossed Norway guiding people to quirky attractions in the TV series “Norwegian Attractions”. She has won many prizes for journalism including the Department of Culture’s New Norwegian prize for journalists and ‘Gullruten’ for best programme host in 2012. Linda is also a columnist for the newspaper “Bergens Tidende” and has a regular talk show at the Literature House in Bergen.

Eide is also interested in photography and in her work, she explores how text and voice can influence the actual picture. Her goal is for the picture to tell more stories than what it actually shows. In 2014, at the Basement Gallery in Voss, she exhibited two of her photo series, Norwegian Kick and Kjernefysisk (Nuclear).  The exhibition titled “Meirfiksjon” (More fiction) showed photos taken during two stays in the town of Vågå under the guidance of Morten Krogvold.

Linda visits Nordic Light to hold a talk/informal chat.


Wednesday 22. April
Caroline Cinema


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