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Photo: Øystein Hermstad

Photo: Øystein Hermstad

In, 2010, when Mads Gilbert visited Nordic Light with his pictures and stories from Gaza, there was barely a dry eye in the auditorium. Five years and two wars later, this profiled doctor and politician is back. Since the 2009 Gaza war, where Gilbert and his colleague Erik Fosse were the only westerners present, he has made his mark as an eloquent and coherent voice in debates concerning the Gaza situation. In this role, he harvested both praise and criticism, and in the autumn of 2014, he created both local and international headlines for being refused all future entry into Gaza to work as a doctor. In the same year, the readers of Verdens Gang (VG) nominated him as “Name of the Year”.

In late 2014, Gilbert released the book «Natt i Gaza» (Nights in Gaza), describing through words and images the 15 days and nights he spent the previous summer at the Al-Shifa hospital whilst the war raged. At his Nordic Light lecture, he will present excerpts from the book, and Gilbert, in his own words will narrate his experiences from that period. In addition, Gilbert will be a guest on the Face-to-Face programme in conversation with Morten Krogvold. 

Friday 24. April
16:30 - 18:00
Caroline Cinema

Face to Face
Saturday 25. April
18:30 - 20:45
Caroline Cinema

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