marie sjøvold

Photo: Ludvig Friberg

Photo: Ludvig Friberg

Since graduating in 2002, Marie Sjøvold has worked on both her own projects and as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines. Drawing inspiration based on her own circumstances, her artistic work comprises personal and intimate projects. She focuses especially on themes encompassing identity, time and reality, using herself and her family as subjects.

The project ‘Midnight Milk’, which will be shown at Nordic Light, revolves around what happens with a woman’s identity when she becomes a mother. Starting with herself, she photographs everyday situations, as well as staged moments. The strikingly beautiful, but also thought provoking images, deal with different emotions attached to having children, and the inner conflict that may play out. Landscapes, objects and everyday happenings such as a mother and daughter sleeping and bathing, are amongst the motifs. Sjøvold describes the projects as «a photographic journey through her own life», but the subject matter is universal.

Sjøvold’s work has exhibited both nationally and internationally and she has taken part in the two large photography initiatives “The European Photo Exhibition Award”(2011)  and “The Norwegian Journal of Photography” (2011-2013). She has released the books Pust (Breathe) in 2006, Disappearing Hours (2007) and Dust Catches Light (2011). In the autumn of 2015, the ‘Midnight Milk’ project comes out in book form.

After Nordic Light, the exhibition travels to Photo Romania as part of the collaboration between Nordic Light and the Romanian festival, under the auspices of EEA grants.

Thursday 23. April
10:15 - 11:00
Caroline Cinema

Midnight Milk
Gallery Jonas Eriksen


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