mikkel aaland

Host/moderator at galleries and lectures/talks.

Mikkel Aaland is a photographer, a popular workshop leader and author of fifteen books. Residing in both San Francisco and Ulefoss, this American, with Norwegian heritage, is afforded the opportunity, through photography and writing, to travel and immerse himself in foreign cultures. This world citizen’s images are published and exhibited worldwide. Aaland is founding member and leader of Adobe Lightroom Adventure, a project including photographers from, amongst others, Australia, England, Germany and the USA. They have conducted journeys to Iceland and Tasmania to test Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 and 2.0 beta. He describes the project as “a celebration to learn through collaboration”.  In addition, Mikkel is a host at the Nordic Light-festival, participating at the arrangement since 2008.

«Nordic Light is my favourite amongst the photography festivals. In a charming and picturesque framework, people flock here from all over the world. Committed people, who love photography and even more, are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. It cannot possibly get any better! »