nelli Palomäki

Photo: Maija Savolainen

Photo: Maija Savolainen

Finnish Nelli Palomäki is known for her timeless portraits. As the viewer, the people she photographs appear to stare directly at us and children are often the subject. Her interest lies in how we see ourselves, noting how we are only aware of our image from a one-dimensional mirror reflection or photograph. Photographed by others challenges the image of ourselves, through someone who observes us from a different angle. As well as being a portrait of the person in front of the camera, the picture is also a portrait of the photographer.

“What I decide to see and how I confront what I see, determines the end result. Even more important for the portrait, is the intensity of the moment I share with the motif,” says Palomäki.

Nelli visits Nordic Light with the exhibition «About ten» consisting of portraits of ten-year-old children. Palomäki has chosen this precise age group, believing the awareness of one’s image and aesthetic peculiarities begin forming at this time.  

Palomäki is part of the younger generation of photographers belonging to the reputable Helsinki School, consisting of handpicked photographers, educated at the Aalto University in the Finnish capital. 

She has shown her pictures at places like the Aperture Gallery in New York, the festival Les Rencontres d'Arles, Paris Photo and the Hasselblad Foundation in Gothenburg, where she also won the Victor Scholarship, which paid for her Master studies in England.  In 2013, her book “Breathing the Same Air” was published.

Thursday 23. April
Caroline Cinema

About ten
Gallery Jonas Eriksen

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Book signing
Thursday 23. April
Festival Office

Book signing and artist talk
Thursday 23. April
Gallery Jonas Eriksen
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