The Festival Exhibition 2017

3rd of May–31st of August 2017

Selected images from the exhibiton

All images by Tommy Rustad

Photographers represented in the exhibtions


Anne-Stine Johnsbråten

Boe Marion

Elina Brotherus

French Cowboy

Helge Skodvin

Iké Udé

Jane Evelyn Atwood

Jodi Bieber

Johannes Lovund

John Swannell

Knut Bry

Lena Sjternström

Lene Marie Fossen

Lucas Foglia

Mário Macilau

Mona Kuhn

Morten Løberg

Peter Turnley

Siri Dannevig

Todd Hido

Other exhibitions at the fesitval


Bacalhau da Noruega (Odd Inge Teige and Øystein Heggstad)

Kristiansund Photo Historical Association

Kristiansund Kameraklubb

Kristiansund Kindergartens

Media & Communication Course at Kristiansund High School

NFF & IFF (Norges Fagfotografer & Norges Industrifotografer)

NSFF (Norsk Selskap For Fotografi)