The Opera Festival Exhibition 2018

2nd–20th of February 2018


The exhibition

Inês Marinho was the 2nd Artist in Residence at Nordic Light. During her stay in Kristiansund, Marinho worked on a local photo project, "From my home to yours", where she has been walking routes in Kristiansund, similar to those she walked in her childhood and youth in Portugal. On her way, she has photographed everything from trees and fishing boats to empty playgrounds and footsteps in the snow. The photos have a distinctive expression, many of them were shot with a Polaroid camera.

About the photographer

Inês Marinho (27 years) is a photographer from Vila do Conde in Portugal.

She studied communication design in the Fine Arts school in Porto and professional photography in IED - Madrid. From an early age, she’s been fascinated by stories, both in books and films. Today she uses photography as the basis for her own storytelling. 

Photography is her way to discover, explore and express herself and the reality around her. Her work focus on editorial and documentary photography.


 Photographer and Artist in Residence Inês Marinho (Photo: )

Photographer and Artist in Residence Inês Marinho (Photo: )

Images from the exhibition