Photo Artist Residency


During a period of two years (2017-2018), we will invite five (5) artists to live and work for a couple of weeks in the small and charming coastal town of Kristiansund, located on the North West Coast of Norway. The residency is open to professional, foreign or national, artist within film and photography.


Short about the residency

The Photo Artist Residency is a pilot project with support from Møre and Romsdal County. The aim is to see how such an residency can make the region a more attractive place for artists, and how this kind of artistic ifnluences can benefit the local communities.

The chosen artists bus be prepared to be quite self reliant when in Kristiansund. The Nordic Light Team will help out as much as they can, but the team also have other repsonibilities they need to take care of.


Outline of the residency dates and periods

Residency 1:
Fall 2017 (14th of August–18th of September)

Artist in Residence: Anna Adamo

Residency 2:
Winter 2018 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Closed for applications. Artist TBA.

Residency 3:
Fall 2018 (August/September)

Artist in Residence: Soon open for applications.

Residency 4:
Winter 2019 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Soon open for applications.


Articles about the residency


The project is supported by Møre and Romsdal County