Nordic light artist residency

Nordic Light Events AS started in 2006 with an annual photo festival, Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, in Kristiansund, Norway. The festival attracts  participants from all over the world, and many photography legends have been visiting us over the years. 

We are happy to  add an artist residency to our activities. During a period of two years (2017-2018), we will invite six artists to live and work for a couple of weeks in the small and charming coastal city of Kristiansund, located on  the North West coast of Norway.  The residency is open to professional, foreign or national, artists within film and photography.

Next application deadline: 

15th of October 2017 (for winter residency 2018)

Possibilities in the region

Kristiansund is one of Norway’s most distinctive towns with its colourful post-war architecture. The town is located in a beautiful setting on four islands connected by bridges at the ocean’s edge. The town became known for clipfish production as early as in 1737, and you can discover more about the history of clipfish at the Norwegian Clipfish Museum. In modern times, petroleum and gas have become one of the leading industries. The marine industry also has a strong position here. 

Kristiansund is the gateway to the amazing Atlantic Road. With seven bridges, it allows the road to follow the islands in the sea like a snake, on a unique journey close to the powerful Atlantic Ocean.

Practical information

Who can apply?

The residency is open to professional, foreign or national, artists within film and photography.

We encourage all professional photographers (both still and video),  who feel that this program can be appropriate for them, to apply.

The residencies can have different focus,  depending on the season. This is because the residency is linked to local, cultural events (especially the exhibitions which will open around the time the other events are open). 

Focus areas can span from nature and the unique geography of the area to more abstract themes. We do however want the result to be works from the geographical area (the city of Kristiansund and Møre and Romsdal County).

What can you expect?

The selected artist must be prepared to be quite self-reliant. We are running the residency on tight administrative resources. However, we are doing our best to set up contacts and network. We want the artists to achieve the most out of their stay. This is our main goal.

available facilities

  • A photo studio (time slots must be pre-booked)
  • The facilities at the Nordic Light House are free to be used by the artist. This includes our two galleries, the café/kitchen area  with a small library with photography books as well as  our art and book shop. The Nordic Light House also has offices,  which is a part of our co-working space with related businesses.

Costs covered by the residency (Nordic Light)

  • Accomodation is provided by Nordic Light (1 room with a small kitchen and a bathroom).
  • We support flight tickets to a maximum of 3000 NOK per artist

What costs the artist must cover

  • All expenses (such as living costs, materials, travel, insurance and transport) other than studio access, accomodation and the mentioned 3000 NOK in support for travel, must be covered by the artist.

What do we expect from you?


  • We expect the artist to produce new work from the area. 
  • The new work should be exhibited in an exhibition that opens at then end of the residency.
  • Nordic Light Art Gallery focuses on sales exhibitions. Hopefully, some of the new works will be sold during the exhibition. The profit from any sold works will be split between Nordic Light and the artist. The split is 40% to Nordic Light, 60% to the artist.


  • We would like the local community to benefit of the residency. This is why we would like the artist to have a talk/lecture and be available for students. 


Application requirements

Applications which fail to meet the requirements will not be considered. 

The following information must be included in the application:

  • Full  contact information
  • What residency period you wish to apply for

The application must include the following attachements:

  • Updated CV
  • Project description
  • Artist Statement
  • Documentation of previous work (if not link to website/portfolio is included) as a PDF.

(Each document should not exceed 2 MB)

Questions can be directed to residency manager Ingunn Strand: ingunn [at]

Send application to: opencall [at]

Periods and application dates

Period 1: Fall 2017 (Mid august-mid september) 

This residency is in connection with Kristiansund Church, Art and Culture Festival 2017 (September 11th-24th).

CLOSED for application. Selected artist: Anna Adamo


Period 2: Winter 2018 (early january-early february) 

This residency is in connection with the Opera Fest Week 2018 (opening February 1st) .

OPEN for open for applications. Deadline is 15th of October, 2017


Period 3: Spring 2018 (march/april 2018) 

This residency is in connection with Nordic Light Photo Festival 2018 (April 25th-29th).

NOT yet open for applications.


Period 4: Fall 2018 (August-september 2018) 

This residency is in connection withKristiansund Church, Art and Culture Festival 2018 (opening mid september).

NOT yet open for applications.


Period 5: winter 2019 (january-february 2019) 

This residency is in connection with the Opera Fest Week 2019. 

NOT yet open for applications.


Period 6: spring 2019 (march-april 2019) 

This residency is in connection with Nordic Light 2019.

NOT yet open for applications.

The Artist-in-Residence project is supported by Møre and Romsdal County.