The Norwegian Photo Historical Association

The Norwegian Photo Historical Association (Norsk fotohistorisk forening) established its Kristiansund branch in 2007. The association is affiliated to the friends of the Norwegian Museum of Photography (Preuss Museum), Oslo, and has about 35 members.

One of their tasks is to document historic events with photographs. To do so, they contact people who have photos and old albums and preserve the pictures for the future. Each year during Nordic Light they have their own exhibition about important historic events in Kristiansund. They collaborate with Møre & Romsdal Fylkesfotoarkiv, Nordmøre Museum and Kristiansund municipality. Anyone can become a member of the association and join them in preserving historical pictures.

Gomalandet then and now
Kongens Plass 6

Gomalandet: Then and Now

Gomalandet, hugging Kristiansund harbour’s Northwest shore, could’ve been called ’the forgotten island.’  This exhibition depicts Gomalandets history, including neighboring islets Meløya and Skorpa.

During the Stone Age, Gomalandet stood as an independent island. Now Gomalandet is directly connected to Kirklandet and Nordlandet. Sundbåten, Kristiansund’s commuter boat, connects all fours islands.

The photos in this exhibition show buildings through the ages, from the past through to contemporary Gomalandet. They document what life was like and how things have changed: Homes, industry, bombing during WWII and development of this part of town.

The new bridge provided prosperity for Gomalandet while decomposing it’s neighbourhood centre. Today only a few shops remain as remnants from the self-sufficiency days gone by. Although most historic industry has ceased, some newer companies have established business on Gomalandet. Gomalandet’s meeting places, the afore mentioned shops, have since moved to Kirkelandet. The exhibition depicts the rich history of Gomalandet.