Photo Romania - Mihai Moiceanu

“Discovering Maramures and Bucovina for the first time is like finding an age-old dusty coffer, which when opened reveals ancient gems shining in the sun. Oh, yes! Maramures and Bucovina are two rural areas where time passes at a rate considerably slower than the hustle and bustle of the present. Here, we witness a rural civilization probably akin to Europe 50-70 years ago. Fields plowed by the horse, wood drawn from the forest by oxen, carts laden with hay passing slowly on village roads and a steam locomotive still pulling the sylvan train up a hill. Archaic occupations like the blacksmith, the carpenter, the shepherd and the forester, perfectly preserved in this time capsule known as Maramures and Bucovina. From logging to animal breeding, the building of churches to the making of the whistle and alpenhorn, these crafts relate intimately with nature. What more could the wandering photographer, the portrait- or landscape artist desire? For 15 years, Mihai Moiceanu has invaded this world which, contemporaneous with the speed of light, moves on foot or by cart.”

Mihai Moiceanu: 30 years a photographer, traveler, mountain guide and photographic journalist. Editorial director at PHOTOgraphia, the first interactive multimedia magazine in Romania and head of PhotoTOUR, a travel agency for photographers with destinations in Romania and worldwide.

The inner music of the woods
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