Stine Rebekka Røstad

Graduate of the year 2013

Photo: Stine Rebekka Røstad

Photo: Stine Rebekka Røstad

The Jury’s conclusion: «Stine Rebekka’s unique vision creates a dramatic impression on the viewer. Blending elements of nature with the body, her images suggest mystery and poetry, while at the same time, a challenging portrayal of this intersection. We, the jury, see great possibilities for future exploration of this theme and therefore award her”.

Throughout her childhood, 26 year old Stine Rebekka Røstad, had a close relationship to photography, often using her pets as models. Recording and freezing her memories and experiences, then being able to bring them out at any given moment, always gives her great pleasure. With her camera as constant companion, she photographed her hobbies like horse-riding, skiing, shooting and school music get-togethers. When digital photography took over from the old film roll, so too increased her interest for this art form, as she discovered the endless possibilities offered. However, at this stage of her life, photography was still solely a source of joy and happiness.

It was while attending high school in Nordfjordeid that this young woman chose photography as a subject. She soon learned the various techniques necessary to enable her to develop her own images, and through constant research, the methods of creating new images from existing photos. This knowledge soon gave her the confidence to pursue photography with all its challenging intricacies. Although the thought of studying “only” photography was buried deep in her consciousness, Stine’s lack of self-belief continually restricted her taking this decision.

In 2008, Stine moved to Trondheim in search of new ideas.  Røstad worked the next three years at a nursery school until finally deciding to take the plunge and apply for admittance to Norges Kreative Fagskole, where to her great delight and fearful anticipation she became a pupil. Two years on, Røstad is one hundred percent convinced she made the perfect decision. Her appetite for photography is insatiable and she has soaked up as much experience as she can from other competent photographers and visiting guest lecturers.


At last year’s Nordic Light Festival of Photograph, Stine took part in the “Graduate of the Year” competition, totally surprising herself at winning it, but certainly not the jury. She eagerly awaits this year’s festival, looking forward to once again being involved in the festivities, lectures and exhibitions but more than that, proudly excited for the opportunity to exhibit her work for the Kristiansund public.

Exhibition A
Nordic Light
– House of Photography
Konsul Knudtzons gate 4B

Saturday May 10th
Klubba, Caroline Cinema