vilde salhus røed

Photo: Sverre L. Hansen

Photo: Sverre L. Hansen

Vilde Salhus Røed works with photography in conjunction with text and sculptural objects. As a starting point for her work, she seldom takes her own images, preferring to use photographs found in archives or other historical material.  In her recent photographic projects, she has worked in the darkroom and developed pictures without negatives. The pictures appear abstract, yet are nevertheless quite specific: they are a result of the process of making them. Through her work, she focuses on the formation of our collective understanding of history and is especially interested in examining the material, contextual and substantive side of photography.

In the project, For the Sake of Colour, shown in 2014, at a large exhibition at the Preus museum, she obtained colour photographs collected by Leif Preus and created from these a new work, investigating and questioning, through photographic medium. She has amongst others, shown her work at The Photo Gallery, The Bodø Art Society and Sørlands Art Museum.




For the sake of colour
Gallery Jonas Eriksen


Artist talk
Thursday 23. April
Gallery Jonas Eriksen
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