Michael Jackson by Greg Goreman

Exploring the soul of a portrait
12 lucky participants have the unique opportunity to be part of a 5-day exclusive workshop with world famous portrait photographer Greg Gorman. This is the only workshop he will hold in Scandinavia in 2014.

Gorman’s iconic photos of the Hollywood celebrities are stunning and famous all over the world. Make sure you do not miss this chance to see and learn from one of the masters in the field of portrait photography.

The Workshop
How does one capture the soul of a person in a photographic portrait? That is the central question of this week with Greg Gorman, in which he shares his vision and his process from both the intuitive and technical perspectives.

Greg Goreman instructing students

He emphasizes the importance of the fine art of communicating with one’s subject—a critical component of attaining a connected portrait that captures the essence of a person.

The workshop also focuses on studio and location lighting techniques. Greg demonstrates his use of strobe, tungsten, LED and natural light to enhance a portrait, and discusses the most effective use of lenses, camera angles, and appropriate lighting with a variety of situations and personalities. Working under Greg’s guidance in the studio and at some of Kristiansund’s most extraordinary locations, participants have daily opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills

3. – 7. september 2014
Place: Nordic Light, House of Photography, Konsul Knudtzonsgt. 4B, KRISTIANSUND
Price: NOK 9 800 kroner.
Maximum 12 participants

For more information and general inquiries please contact
Kristin Nekstad
+47 906 49 502

The Nordic Light Center of Photography has invited me back this summer to teach an exclusive class on portraiture. I have really have enjoyed my past experiences in Kristiansund and find the people and the locations to be a very stimulating platform for an in depth study of all aspects of portraiture.
— Greg Gorman

Workshop time schedule
Start: Wednesday September 3th – 10:00 AM 
End: Sunday September 7th – 5:00 PM 
The work shop provides : 
One day in studio 
One day shooting at the country side 
3 days Shooting at different locations 
Daily lunches and beverages 
One evening dinner with wine 
Paper & Ink 
The students are required to bring : 
Their portfolio 
Digital camera ( power supply and battery ) 
Flashcards and a lap top computer 
Other Information : 
Dinner together every night at different restaurants 
Good prices 

Hotel accommodation
Rica Hotel Kristiansund
Price per person including breakfast
Single Room Monday - Thursday NOK 1 195,00
Double Room Monday - Thursday NOK 710,00
Single Room Friday - Sunday NOK 895,00
Double Room Friday - Sunday NOK 570,00

Quality Grand Hotel Kristiansund 
Price per person per day including breakfast
Single room Monday - Thursday NOK 900,00
Double room Monday - Thursday NOK 550,00
Single room Friday - Sunday NOK 800,00
Double room Friday - Sunday NOK 500,00

Prices are per person.