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In addition to hosting the annual Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Nordic Light Events is involved in, and manages, several different projects. This is both artistic projects connected to the gallery and projects about developing the creative business in the town and region.

Photo Artist Residency

For a trial period of two years, we will welcome in total five artists to our Photo Artist Residency. The artists will live and work in Kristiansund for a period of 3–6 weeks. During this time they will do activitities such as exhibitions and/or workshops. The first artist was here in August/September 2017, the second in January/February 2018.

Nordic Light Up & Coming

The project aims to support young local artist by giving them space exhibit their work. The project is open to all kinds of artistic expressions. We encourage young artists living in Møre and Romsdal county to apply to be a part of the project, and exhibit their art in our gallery.

Creative Business Network

This project is looking into the possibilities of creating a business network for companies in the creative industry in Kristiansund and the Nordmøre region. We will explore the interest for such a network and what kind of services potensial network members request. 

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Photo Artist Residency


During a period of two years (from 2017), we will invite five artists to live and work for a couple of weeks in the small and charming town Kristiansund, located on the northwest coast of Norway. The residency is open to professional – foreign or national – artists within film and photography.


the artist residency in short

The Photo Artist Residency is a pilot project with support from Møre and Romsdal county. The aim is to see how such a residency can make the region more attractive for artists, and how this kind of artistic influences can benefit the local communities. 


Outline of the residency dates and periods

Residency 1:
Fall 2017 (August/September)

Artist in Residence: Anna Adamo

Residency 2:
Winter 2018 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Inês Marinho

Residency 3:
Fall 2018 (August/September)


Residency 4:
Winter 2019 (January/February)

Artist in Residence: Opens for applications fall 2018. 


Articles about the residency


The project is supported by Møre and Romsdal county

Nordic Light Up & Coming


This projec  aims to help young artist that are just starting out, giving them an exhibition space to show their work . The exhibition is often shown at the same time as another exhibition (for example exhibitions with the Artist in Residence) in the Nordic Light Art Gallery which makes the art for both exhibiting artists, available for a wider audience. The project was started as a project supported by Møre and Romsdal County.



about the project

We encourage all young/aspiring, local artists who live in Møre & Romsdal and want to show their work locally to contact us to discuss the possibilities for an exhibition.

Nordic Light will provide you with a gallery space where you can show your work and use our network and resources to market your exhibition. The artist must prepare and produce the art work and install the exhibition themselves. The exhibition manager will be available to help with planning.



If you have any questions, you can direct them to the project management.

Contact project management by email
Office phone: +47 984 85 551



Articles about the project


The project is supported by Møre and Romsdal County


Creative Business Network

Nordic Light har tatt initiativ til etableringen av  et nettverk for kreative næringer ved å søke om støtte fra kommunalt næringsfond til gjennomføringen av en forstudie. Bakgrunnen til dette ligger i ønsket om en styrket kreativ næring på Nordmøre som sammen kan realisere større prosjekter, samarbeide om administrative oppgaver, selge hverandre tjenester og generelt samarbeide for en styrket kreativ næring i regionen. Innholdet og ambisjonene for nettverket er ikke satt – og vi ønsker å høre fra hver enkelt hvilke muligheter og utfordringer vi kan løse sammen.


Artikler Fra prosjektet